Future Sunday Services


March 15th, 10 AM
Dr. David Newell, "Tough Moral Choices."

Thankfully most of us rarely come across situations that present moral dilemmas, but if we do, how do we
figure out what to do?    Generally speaking, there are two approaches that are useful in handling moral
dilemmas: one focuses on the consequences of what we do; the other on the actions themselves.  In this
reflection, we will consider both approaches to making tough moral choices.

March 22nd, 10 AM
Paster Jay Stearns, "Living the Journey toward Wholeness." 

The human experience can be viewed as a pilgrimage that embraces the whole of oneself:  one's mind, body, spirit, and emotions, none of which are immune from injury and illness in their many forms.   Beyond these vulnerabilities, however, there is the Journey of Hope and Discovery, which includes the invitation to live into both mystery and paradox.  

This morning we will work with a mythical story, name several wisdom points, and recognize practices that can support and sustain each of us as Pilgrims on our Journey Toward Wholeness.
Jay is a retired United Methodist Minister, having served  many years as a Pastoral Counselor, Consultant, and Hospital Chaplain. He is currently Director of Spiritual Care, Pathways. Throughout the latter decades of his ministry, Jay has explored distractions between traditional religions and viable spiritualty. He acknowledges that over the past twenty-five years, the wisdom of Native American Spirituality and the courageous pursuit of healing through The Recovery Movement in relation to addictions have become his primary teachers.

March 29th, 10 AM
Ms. Annie Lavin, "How to Cast a Spell."

Maybe it's time to give wizards and witches a break and acknowledge the power each of us has to cast a "spell" over another, even ourselves. There's no need for an exotic chant; most carefully chosen words will do. Words have enormous power. Many of us have used them to influence someone's actions, goals, and reality. In turn, we've all felt the powerful influence of another's words -- whether from the grandstand, the pulpit, printed material, social media, or casual conversation. If we truly want to start thinking differently about things that matter, it's time to start speaking differently about them as well. Herein lies the power of the words we use, to create the reality we want.

UU minister Angela Herrera has written on this subject, and she has given permission and encouragement to include her thoughts in this talk. Come join the discussion as we gain a new appreciation for the power of words.