Future Sunday Services


May 31, Vida Morley, "Learnings from Nature and the Medicine Wheel."

June 7, Harvey Wigder, "Great Vacations."

June 14, Margie Conlin, "Father's Day."

June 21, Carl Gallegos, TBD 

A Message from Kim Agee and Your Worship Committee  Informal Summer Sunday Services begin on May 31, 2015, and will continue each Sunday through September 6, the Sunday before Labor Day .We would like to invite you to lead a summer discussion this year.The Discussion Leader introduces his/her topic and facilitates the group discussion. If you have a spiritual topic that you would like to present, we would love to have you. If you want to give this a try, but are unsure about topics, the UUA website is a wonderful resource. I have listed the URL below. Two pages that I find helpful on this site are Worship Collections and Circle Worship. The sign-up sheet -- ready for YOUR name -- is posted in the lobby of church. You will also find a description of the Summer Sunday format posted there. If you want to discuss this with a service leader, please contact any one of us; Annie Lavin, Kim Agee or Vida Morley! Or, call the office, 410-778-3440, for more information or to sign up by phone.  

Thank you so much and good luck!!