Future Sunday Services

May 3rd 10 AM
Barbara Meyers
"Common Grounds, Uncommon Gifts: Growing Peace and Harmony through Stories, Reflections, and Practices in the Natural World."

May 10th, 10 AM
Debbie Simpers
"The Faith of Lydia Maria Child"

 Mothers' Day Flower Communion.

UUCR will celebrate with the UU tradition of Flower Communion. Bring a flower from your garden to add to the communal vase symbolizing our unique individuality within the Beloved Community. This practice was originated by UU martyr Michael Capek before his deportation to Dachau in 1923. It is celebrated in the spring by UU churches worldwide honoring tolerance and inclusiveness of the different paths we represent.
 Ms. Debbie Simpers' sermon, "The Faith of Lydia Maria Child,"recollects a remarkable woman who led an amazing life as an abolitionist, women's rights activist, opponent of American expansionism, Indian rights activist, novelist, and journalist. She was also a Unitarian!  (Editor's note:  Ms. Child "visited" UUCR for our last Living History event.) Lydia Maria Child worked to understand the influence of the divine in her life and her purpose for existing. We will explore her relationships and her writings to better understand her faith through her eyes -- those of a 19th century "modern" woman.  

May 17th, 10 AM
Rev. Greg Chute
"What Do We Remember?"

Annual Meeting to follow the service.

May 24th 10 AM
Dr. David Newell, "Transitions."

Life often requires us to change course and head in a new direction, even if this means heading into the wind.   Such transitions may literally close one chapter of life, and start a new one.   Transitions can be smooth or rough, depending on our flexibility and adaptability.   Knowing what we can and cannot change can be a critical component in making a smooth transition.