Future Sunday Services


February 8th, 10 AM
Social Justice, Social Concerns Committee
, "Racial Justice/Feedom Riders."

 In recognition of Black History Month, UUCR'sSocial Concerns/Social Justice Committee is creating a special service.  Margie Conlin will present a talk, "The Freedom Riders of 1961," which will chronicle two busses that left for the deep south, one from Washington, D.C., on a Mother's Day morning in May '61, and one 13 days later from Nashville, Tennessee

As guest musicians, there will be a return visit from our favorite gospel group, "Pilgrim Travelers of Pomona Gospel Singers." Plan to arrive at 9:30 A.M. for "A Gathering" in the Sanctuary, when their spirited music will begin to fill the church and continue throughout the service.  This will be a service of reflection, spirit and celebration. Come join us! (Committee members: Lynn Dolinger, Betty Kerr, Bob Bjork, Linda Dutton, Margie Conlin, Diane Shields.)


February 15th. 10 AM
Wes David,
"Running Away From -- and Into -- God." 

Wes Davis, a professional musician and speaker who visited our pulpit in November, is returning by popular demand.  He spoke earlier on "Dissidents, Scapegoats and Bogeymen," and accompanied this with guitar and song.  Stay tuned for more about the service.

February 22nd, 10 AM
Dr. Carolyn Stegman, "Being Your Own Best Grief Counselor."

Dr. Stegman explains, "Most of us have faced the deaths of significant loved ones throughout our lifetimes, triggering profound grief. As we age, our losses will increase, yet unfortunately death does not get easier with practice. And, even after time, we never "get over" someone's death, but with work we can learn what it takes to move forward in a healthy way while still honoring those persons we lost. This talk will focus on factors that will help the bereavement process as well as those that impede."

Dr. Stegman has lectured extensively throughout the United States, in Europe, Japan, and Africa. For many years she taught Psychology of Women, Psychology of Aging, and Psychology of Death, Dying and Bereavement. Her first novel, A Gold-Mended Life, about aging and death, was published in 2013.

This presentation is informative, uplifting and empowering. From her vast experience Dr. Stegman shares ways we can tap into our own strength and resourcefulness when most vulnerable.

Her words will stay with you long after the service.

March 1st, 10 AM
Gary Jackoway, "Van Gogh: The Price of Greatness"