Future Sunday Services

Oct 18 -- Dr. John LaFerla, music by Karen Somerville. 
Representing UUCR at 2015 UUGA were Susan and John LaFerla. We are pleased that John will share with us a keynote speech by Dr. Miguel De Latorre, which he felt was powerful, thoughtful, soulful and important to all of us in the pursuit of building a beloved community.  We will listen to Dr. De Latorre via John and might squirm, laugh, question, and finally hope and make intensions for a more "mosaic" multi-cultural community.   

Oct 25 -- Rev. Christina Leone Tracy, UU Annapolis,"Love the Hell out of the World!"

Nov 1, Rev. Andrew Weber, UUFN, music by UUSC Choir.

Nov 8, Mr. David White, "Islam Faith/Muslim Traditions."

Nov 15, Rev. Schmidt, music by Nevin Dawson.

Nov 22, Mr. Wayne Gilchrist, former U.S. Congressman.