Religious Education

In the children’s religious education program at UUCR we strive to give our children a warm, safe, supportive environment in which they learn to question, to think, to eventually reach their own conclusions. With Channing, we believe that, since humans have the ability to think, they ought to have the opportunity to think.

The children’s religious education is divided between Kindergarten and under (in the nursery), those in grade school and those in fifth or higher grades. We often combine all the people attending school for a joint learning session. High School students usually attend the church service or volunteer to be an assistant RE teacher.

The adult religious education program is focused on special programs (ex a relationship enhancement workshop), short courses (ex Building Your Own Theology), and Terrific Tuesdays Together (Tuesday night programs on various topics led by congregation members or experts in certain areas). All these programs are open to the public and are usually free to attend.

We invite you and your family to join us.