Audit Committee
The UUCR Audit Committee consists of two UUCR members elected at the annual congregation meeting. Each year one new Audit Committee member is elected for a two- year period. This allows for an overlap of the auditors and continuity from year to year.   ….. MORE …….

Welcoming Congregation Committee
In the spring of 2012 UUCR became accredited as a “Welcoming Congregation” by the Unitarian Universalists Association (UUA).  This designation acknowledges that we have actively offered and pursued programs that offer their members, as well as the larger Kent County local community, opportunities to be intentionally inclusive of minority groups. ....MORE ......

Building and Grounds Committee
The Building and Grounds Committee has overall responsibility to maintain both the physical building and the surrounding grounds.  It has the additional responsibility of insuring that the both areas are kept in a consistent manner.  ….. MORE …

Chester Valley Ministers Association
The Chester Valley Ministers' Association (CVMA) is an active, growing group of men and women, both religious and lay, whose mission is to promote, sponsor and support a range of initiatives that help the needy in Kent and Northern Queen Anne's Counties. Monthly CVMA meetings are held in neighboring churches where humanitarian groups throughout the county come to be heard and supported in their work.  …. MORE ….  

Flower Committee
Hopefully the Sunday flower arrangements provide a sense of beauty and of awe to contribute to the religious experience and our connection to all of nature. Members and friends are requested to provide for personal floral memorials and celebrations.  

Green Sanctuary Committee
The UUCR Board authorized a standing Green Sanctuary Committee in May 2005 and requested that a committee be formed and that they select a chair among the members. The charter was approved by the UUCR Board in August 2005. … MORE …  

Leadership Development Committee  
The LDC replaces the more nominal role of a Nominating Committee.  The goal is to identify and develop a core of church members with the potential to assume various church leadership roles.  …. MORE …

Music Committee
The purpose of the Music Committee is to bring a variety of musical options to the UUCR service.  This will include outside musicians, singers, and outside choirs. The committee also supports the UUCR choir and its monthly presentations to the UUCR service.  From time to time there will be special performances based on a musical theme.  

The Membership committee strives to nuture of hospitality in our congregation for visitors, friends, and members. Its responsibilities include welcoming and engaging visitors, facilitating UUCR orientations, and ushering those who are interested through the membership process.  …. MORE ...

Pastoral Associates
The Caring Program is designed to serve members and friends of UUCR and their families, and to facilitate support from the UUCR community as a whole, to situations of need.  Some requests may be referred to other local service providers and resources.  Directories and initial support to access outside services will be available.  …. MORE …

Public Relations Outreach and Communications Committee
The committee’s our two overarching goals are:
........o To improve in-house communications at UUCR; and
........o To increase public awareness (Kent and Queen Anne's Counties) of UUCR.
We hope that achieving these two goals will lead to better communications and the continued growth of our congregation.

Worship Committee
It is the honor of this committee to select speakers or programming for each Sunday.  The intention is to provide spiritual stimulation, education and sense of curiosity along with traditional ritual and music to provide a meaningful Unitarian-Universalist experience.

Social Concerns Committee
We identify primarily local but also global agencies whose missions and values serve people in need.  The integrity of the groups as well as the efficiency of contributions reaching their intended recipients is investigated by the committee.  An annual budget is portioned by the committee for contributions.  We look for ways to take action in our community and to inspire our congregation to support our efforts.   Sometimes we offer a church service that expresses a UUA concern; for example, Ethical Eating.  Our committee explores ways to educate the congregation about our work. Effort is made to be consistent with the core values of the UUCR and its obligations to the community.  We encourage membership, ideas, support and your involvement.  We meet as needed.