The Unitarian Universalists of the Chester River strongly supports individual spiritual growth. We have a Sunday service along with active adult and children religious education programs. We are an intentionally liberal and diverse community seeking to aid each other's individual spiritual growth. We value openness, community, growth and relationships.

It is the mission of the UUCR to foster liberal religious ideals through public worship, study, service, and fellowship; to provide a public forum to address religious, ethical, and moral issues; to support individual freedom of belief and caring human relationships; to become an intentionally diverse community; and to engage in promoting a just and humane social order.

Please join us. Sunday service is at 10:00 AM on Sundays.

Sunday Services

October 5, 10 AM
Ms. Annie Lavin, "We Love You; You're Perfect; Now Change!"


Most of us have a love-hate relationship with Change. Our natural tendency is to resist change. Change can be feared, discouraged even punished. Yet even when change is for the better, it requires vision and discipline. (ouch!)

Change is inevitable; look around you. Look at you! Perhaps our only response to change is how we choose to deal with it.  We can be authors and designers, or we can passively react to the world changing around us and miss golden opportunities. Many have written on this theme, including Rev. Greg Ward from Manassas Va., whose message will be adapted to our service.  So, join us on Oct. 5 to revisit this ongoing phenomenon in our lives and see how we're handling change, both personally and as a congregation. Lend your voice to the discussion. This crazy wonderful world is not done changing and neither are we!

chaliceR.E. and Child Care Provided

October 12
Association Sunday (DELMARVA UU Churches' Celebration), Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Newark.
 No service at UUCR

October 19, 10 AM
Ms. Tami Santelli, sponsored by our C.A.W.S. (Animal Ministry) Committee

October 26, 10 AM
Rev. Greg Chute, "The Seven Deadly Sins and What to Do about Them."      

deadly sins

Many of us have heard about the seven deadly sins; some of us can name them; a few of us have practiced them. Did you know though that there are seven heavenly virtues? Perhaps knowing a little bit more about all of this can help us be more attentive and discerning in how we live our lives. 

November 2, 10 AM
Mike Arms, TED Talk, "Crossing the Milk Sea: A Cautionary Tale of Witness and Warning."

November 9, 10 AM
Dr. David Newell, "Life Boat Ethics."        




pot luck


Friday, Oct 17, 6 PM, Potluck Dinner at the home of Harry and Nancy Hart.

Please sign up to host a third Friday  potluck in 2014! Email or call Margo at the church office--or just tell her in person next time you see her!



As the holidays approach, please consider shopping options that help UUCR. Purchases made through the UUCR website:

link to and to earn dollars for UUCR at no cost to you.  Don’t just go to their websites – link to them through UUCR’s webpage, or click on the link just above.  A percentage of every purchase you make goes to us – and these percentages add up!

Also, take a look at our new products from our Fair Trade partner, Equal Exchange, including handmade gift wrap and decorative boxes fashioned from recycled cotton,not paper.  We also have a selection of organic fruits and nuts.  All in time for your holiday needs!  Check them out this Sunday, and be ready to purchase Acme Grocery Cards as well.



David Newell, our Minister, will hold hour by appointment.  For more info contact Dr. Newell at 410-708-3740 or at, or leave a message at 410-778-3440.  


The Music Committee is pleased to announce that, effective January, 2014, Ms. Joan Blume will be UUCR's piano accompanist two Sunday a month.  The alternate Sundays we will continue to enjoy the music of our own Bill Lindsay.  A special thanks to Bill for continuing to volunteer his musical talents and his time!

We are still looking to hire a part-time elementary school teacher! It is a fun job and a great way to connect with our UUCR youth. If you are interested or know someone that may be please write or call me.
Shannon Smulow, 720-840-6355,

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 See Linda Dutton or visit

EXPERIENCE UU THROUGH THE EYES OF A CHILD There are several openings this coming year in Children’s Religious Education working with both the elementary and middle school groups.  If you’ve ever wondered how to articulate what UU is all about, teaching children will give you the tools you need!  We are lining up an exciting series of active and engaging curriculums including some from the new UUA “Tapestry of Faith” Lifespan Education series.   

Note:  All volunteers must adhere to UUCR’s Child Safety Policy, including consent to background checks.

Art at UUCR

Artwork in our sanctuary for September and October is provided by our members David Biehler and Cindy Brittain. The theme of trees was chosen for its symbolism in many forms in our lives.  From roots to branches, trees show us the simple passage of the seasons of nature and of our lives. These two accomplished photographers exhibit widely in area galleries and have extended artists statements and biographies available. You will find this information located in the UUCR Art Shows binder on the pulpit located near our front door. Please thank them for sharing their talents with us and inquire about purchasing these or other photographs from their extensive collections. David's local number is 410 778 4313 and Cindy's cell is 410 490 3842.

Please support our local artists and thank them for enriching our view of this community.  Remember that a portion of the proceeds from artwork purchased through our UUCR art shows benefits our church. 


Please remember to support UUCR through the purchase of Acme and Fresh and Greens grocery cards and Fair Trade food products from Equal Exchange.  Check out these products on Sunday - look for them near the door to our wonderful new deck!


Every family is entitled to one free copy; duplicates may be purchased  at $5 each.  Please contact Margo,, if you need one or more.